What Age Should a Baby Have a Blanket?

by Firat Ovali on Aug 16, 2023

Every new parent wants to ensure that their little one is as comfortable and safe as possible. One common question arising in the realm of baby care is, "At what age should a baby have a blanket?" While it might seem like a straightforward choice, safety considerations come into play. Let's unravel this question, with insights from Blzandco's experience in producing top-tier organic cotton blankets.

Understanding Safety Concerns

Before diving into the ideal age, it's crucial to understand why there are concerns about babies using blankets from birth.

Risk of SIDS

Blankets, especially in the crib of an infant, can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Soft bedding can potentially lead to suffocation.


Babies can't regulate their body temperature as adults do. Using a blanket too early might cause them to overheat, which can be risky.

When is it Safe?

After the First Year

Many pediatricians and child safety experts recommend that soft bedding, including blankets, should be avoided in a baby's crib for the first 12 months of life. After their first birthday, the risk of SIDS significantly decreases, and you can introduce blankets for additional comfort.

Monitor Usage

Even after the first year, ensure the blanket isn't too large or bulky. Lightweight blankets made of breathable material, like the organic cotton blankets from Blzandco, can be ideal.

Alternative Solutions Before the First Year

Parents often worry about keeping their baby warm during those initial months. Here's what you can do:


For the initial months, swaddling with a breathable, light material can be a good choice. It keeps the baby snug without the risks associated with loose bedding.

Wearable Blankets or Sleep Sacks

These are excellent alternatives to blankets. They are designed to keep babies warm without covering their face or head.

Room Temperature

Maintain a comfortable room temperature. It's better for the room to be slightly cool rather than too warm.

Choosing the Right Blanket

Once your child is ready for a blanket, quality matters. Blzandco's organic cotton blankets are designed with your baby's comfort in mind. They are:

  • Soft on the Skin: The organic cotton ensures a gentle touch, essential for your baby's delicate skin.
  • Breathable: Reduces the risk of overheating.
  • Durable: Designed to withstand the test of time and countless washes.


While the allure of wrapping your newborn in a plush blanket is strong, safety should always come first. By understanding the risks and waiting for the appropriate age, you ensure your child's well-being. And when the time is right, make sure you opt for quality, like the blankets offered by Blzandco. Your little one deserves the best.